Caryl Churchill


1938 – Present










“But if there isn’t a right way to do things you have to invent one”

Further Reading:


Downstairs (1958)

You’ve No Need to be Frightened (1959?)

Having a Wonderful Time (1960)

Easy Death (1960)

The Ants, radio drama (1962)

Lovesick, radio drama (1969)

Identical Twins (1960)

Abortive, radio drama (1971)

Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen, radio drama (1971)

Owners (1972)

Schreber’s Nervous Illness, radio drama (1972) – based on Memoirs of My Nervous Illness

The Hospital at the Time of the Revolution (written 1972)

The Judge’s Wife, radio drama (1972)

Moving Clocks Go Slow (play), (1973)

Turkish Delight, television drama (1973)

Objections to Sex and Violence (1975)

Light Shining in Buckinghamshire (1976)

Vinegar Tom (1976)

Traps (1976)

The After-Dinner Joke, television drama (1978)

Seagulls (written 1978)

Cloud Nine (1979)

Three More Sleepless Nights (1980)

Top Girls (1982)

Crimes, television drama (1982)

Fen (1983)

Softcops (1984)

A Mouthful of Birds (1986)

A Heart’s Desire (1987)[16]

Serious Money (1987)

Ice Cream (1989)

Hot Fudge (1989)

Mad Forest (1990)

Lives of the Great Poisoners (1991)

The Skriker (1994)

Blue Heart (1997)

Hotel (1997)

This is a Chair (1999)

Far Away (2000)

Thyestes (2001) – translation of Seneca’s tragedy

A Number (2002)

A Dream Play (2005) – translation of August Strindberg’s play

Drunk Enough to Say I Love You? (2006)

Seven Jewish Children — a play for Gaza (2009)

Love and Information (2012)

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